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Benefits & Pricing

  • High Level of Data Quality ensuring you hit the RIGHT prospects
    We have committed a great deal of time, effort and financial resources to make FirmaGraphix the most accurate and robust national business file in the industry!

  • Increase your rate of return!
    In a recent story, the DM News stated that changing prospect data sources to a comparable data source can increase the ROI of marketing campaigns by 25% over previous performance.

  • Competitive Pricing and Flexible Contractual Agreements
    Since we are comparatively new to the business file market, we are more eager to earn your business by structuring a deal that fits your needs rather than forcing your business into the archaic contractual restrictions of our competitors.

  • Want your OWN business list Website?
    Our Web portal was specifically designed to allow for the privatization for brokers in the industry. In the matter of a week, your company could have a private-labeled Web portal up and running.

  • Easy Transition
    To make the transition easier to our data, we have created proprietary methodologies to translate SIC codes from your current vendor so no work is involved on your part.

  • Save Time
    Lightning Fast Count Engineā€¦. Create count reports ready for client presentation and Download orders directly from your account in a matter of minutes.